Exciting news for DA-RC Members and other serious DXers is that a new cluster for 11m band DXing is now operational, and despite being in its early stages, is already attracting the world’s very best operators.

Less of a ‘CB chat room’ like other clusters and more of a ‘resource’ for professional Freeband DX Hunters, 11DX.net provides a more efficient platform for the exchange of data, pertinent to achieving success on the world’s best HF DX band, 11m.

For example, whilst other clusters are lax with standards around what is an acceptable ‘SPOT’, 11DX.net demands a more disciplined approach to spotting both WKD and SWL contacts.

Self-spots, fake spots, local spots, and ridiculous Zello and What’s App spots, are not permitted on this new, free to use cluster.

Instead, the expectation of 11DX.net and its independent Administrative Team is that the ‘spot’ be interesting and/or of benefit to the DX Community.

After all, the ultimate goal of any Cluster spot board should always be ‘to assist it’s members to work most wanted, rare, or interesting DX by providing accurate callsign, frequency, date and time details’.

The absence of a ‘Biggest Spotter Award’ on 11DX.net, furthermore, discourages shoddy ‘spots-manship’ and the tendency of some ego-driven operators to use the SPOT BOARD as their own personal log book.

Unlike some other clusters, on 11DX.net, nonsensical banter in SPOT COMMENT fields such as “Cheers and drinking beers dude” or “Say g’day to your XYL good buddy” is also frowned upon.

Instead, IOTA references, region/city/town specifics, distances, etc. are strongly encouraged in SPOT COMMENT fields on this privately operated, non-commercial web service.

In addition to a Spot Board (On Air) and Message Board (QSO Party), there is also a Propagation Chart, and Distance & Bearing box.

Users of 11DX.net are asked to follow a few quite simple rules to ensure the integrity of the online resource:

  • be kind
  • be serious
  • do not swear
  • do not spam

They’re also expected to communicate in the official radio language which is ‘English’.

If you desire a serious online platform to support your DX work then please register for this fantastic new cluster at https://11dx.net .

You can also follow the page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/c11dxnet .

73 de DA-RC HQ