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Yaesu and Kenwood amateur transceivers

I was excited to recently add a Codan 9323 HF Land Mobile transceiver and a Codan 9350 auto-tuning antenna with two different whips; the shorter SS whip for everyday use and a longer fiberglass whip and heavy duty spring mainly for extended stationary operations.

The Codan was to compliment my Yaesu FT-857D transceiver however as the Codan has a superior voice to noise ratio compared to the Yaesu this is now my primary radio.

Longer fibreglass whip and heavy duty spring

The Codan covers about 2 MHz to 28 MHz and can be used on all Ham bands as well as the 11m / CB band.

The total height of vehicle with SS whip is 2.47m and with fibreglass whip and spring is a whopping 3.15m!

My new fit out included mounting a large, heavy auto-tune antenna and as I own a sedan, this proved to be a little challenging!

After having a tow bar installed on the vehicle (about $250 from eBay) I got a local engineering workshop to make up an offset bracket out of 12.5 mm steel for $30.

The bracket had to be fitted in a way that the antenna was offset from the number plate so it wasn’t obstructing it.

I ‘googled’ a photo of the same antenna mounted on a South Australian Police sedan (same model as my car) so this is what I used as a template!

I earthed the antenna to the tow bar and fitted the leads so they came out from under the boot, where the transceivers were mounted. It was a little fiddly but I got them there in the end!

I will be ordering a custom made antenna switch that will connect the 9350 auto-tune antenna to both the Codan and Yaesu HF radios.  That way, I’ll be able to leave them all connected and flick a switch from Codan to Yaesu enabling me to use the TUNE button on both transceivers without having to pull the vehicle off the road and manually swap over antenna leads.

Codan 9323 HF Land Mobile control head

You can see some shots of my dash mount setup showing:

  • Codan 9323 2-28 MHz HF transceiver control head
  • Simoco SRM9020 Plus 400-520 MHz UHF transceiver control head
  • Yaesu FT857D HF/6m/VHF/UHF transceiver control head
  • Kenwood TM-V708 VHF/UHF dual-band transceiver control head
  • Simoco SRM9022 400-520 MHz control microphone
by 43DA102 Geoff