*FORUM* YL’s and dx adventure don’t mix…or do they?

Whether to take the YL with you on DXpedition adventure is an important consideration if you ask me.  There’s just so much to weigh up!


In addition to the obvious matter of whether or not she’s competent enough to the take the mic and work through a pile up if you’ve taken a moment to quench your thirst with a cold beer, I reckon there’s heaps of other important things to get your head around if the YL is to make the trip as part of the DX line-up…

The first of these is, “Is she a good navigator?”  If you’re like me and can’t find your way out of your own street without getting lost, then having a map-smart YL alongside you in the car is a huge help.  Hours lost searching for the right turn off to a prized DXstination, for example, can be saved if your YL is street smart and this means more rig time for you, more contacts, etc.


The second consideration is, “Can she cook a decent meal?”  Most DA-RC members will agree that eating good tucker when on a dx adventure is crucial if you want to maintain your energy and be able to DX at your ultimate level.

With this in mind, having a YL in tow who can’t tell a saucepan from a fry pan I reckon is one best left at home.

Nothing hits the spot more after a mighty session on the mic than a feed of sausages and baked beans fried on a campsite; if your YL can serve that up then she’s in with bells on!

Asking yourself if the YL will impact on your TITS (Time In The Shack) by demanding time spend ogling tourist attractions is the third consideration on my list.

There’s no point travelling to some exotic DXstination with a rig and a stick if you’re gonna be wasting your time dining out at expensive restaurants or scuba diving on some stupid reef.  If you ask me, there’s plenty of time for that sort of stuff on National Geographic docos when you get back to the home QTH to put your feet up and watch some telly.

The fourth and final consideration is “whether or not the YL can handle going without her mod cons (make-up, hairspray, mobile phone etc.) and whether or not she’ll spend the whole time whinging and begging you to return to your home QTH…”  History is littered with tales of DXpeditions involving a DXer’s YL that have been terminated early cos the YL couldn’t handle the rough conditions.

So…if the YL satisfies these criteria then, by all means, include her in the DXpedition team and with welcome arms.  If she doesn’t, then leave her the credit card on your way out the door!

Just don’t mention where and from whom you got the idea from!

73 de Darren