*DX RESOURCE* Yaesu World Map

A detailed map of the world is common place on the wall of most radio shacks and, of all the maps available for radio enthusiasts, one of the best DX resources is the Yaesu version titled ‘The Radio Amateur’s World Map’.

Printed in Japan and sold by many retail outlets around the world, this excellent quality poster map displays ham radio prefixes, DXCC names, ITU and CQ Zones, other world geographic features (e.g. oceans, lines of meridian, etc.).

It comes in A1 size and is suitable for not just Hams but also Short Wave Listeners (SWL), Eleven Meter and Citizens Band (CB) radio enthusiasts.

In addition to being produced on high quality thin card rather than paper which provides added durability again inevitable wear and tear, the text on the map is easily seen and each continent is colour coded (e.g. green for AF, pink for EU, blue for AS, orange for NA, etc.).

There is also an enlarged section of the Caribbean Sea which provides a clearer picture of the region’s DXCC.

This map can be easily laminated or framed and is occasionally available online from http://stores.ebay.com/Oklahoma-Comm-Center .