The Socialist Republic of Vietnam (XV) (242 Division) is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia and always an attractive DXCC for serious DX Hunters on any band, including 11m.

Vietnam is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, and the South China Sea – referred to in Vietnam as the East Sea to the east.

For a short stay and casual Ham Radio operation in Vietnam, the best way is to rent a shack and use the station’s callsign.


From June 2011, 5 shacks are available: 2 in Hồ Chí Minh City and 1 near Củ Chi, 1 in Vũng Tàu (on the sea front) and 1 in Cần Thơ.

An agreement from both the VARC and the shack owner is necessary of course, but this reduces the delay needed to obtain the authorization to operate.

For a short stay, please contact XV2A to check if he is able to provide you the needed authorization in order to operate one of the club stations in HCMC, Vung Tau, Cu Chi or Can Tho.

Licensing Information:

You can apply for a XV amateur radio license but need two months to get it.  VARC will make the application form for you.  VARC only needs the following documents:

1. Copy of passport with stamp
2. Copy of radio operator examination certificate with stamp too

Provided information:

a: Type of transceiver (example ICOM IC-9000)
b: Transceiver output power.
c: Places of installation (Hotel name etc.)
d: Using Bands.
e: Purposed call sign( XV…., 3W…….)
f: Starting and ending operating in Vietnam
g: Output power: 50/ 100/ 200/ 1kW – Depending on your licensed class

License & Service fee:

One Band:

  • 20,000 VND/Month

In case of 9 bands:

  • One month: US$50
  • Six months: US$100
  • One year: US$180

Contact Details:

If you need more details, please contact one of the following VARC members via mail:


Shack 1: XV2A

  • Contact person: Mr Bac Ai
  • Location: Down town in HCM City, Setting at XV2A house.
  • Email: aivara@yahoo.com.vn
  • Location: 11 B Nguyen ,Dinh,Chieu St., District 1.H.C.M. City Vietnam.
  • Station: Rig, ICOM 706 KMⅡG, FL2100Z, Antenna – Yagi Tri Bander: Create 318jr, Dipole:3.5/7MHz, 26mh Tower.

Shack 2: 3W2LI

  • Contact Person: Mr Hau (Also PD9DX)
  • Email: jbtin@ymail.com
  • Location: 3W2LI set up new shack at Vung tau Beach
  • Station: Main rig = ICOM IC 706 MkII, HL-1KGX Tokyo High Power Amplifier, Triband 3 EL Yagi Antenna, Dipole with Loading Coil for 80m

Shack 3: XV2REH

  • Contact Person: Mr Duc
  • Installed at Mr.Duc7s house
  • Location: 30km North from HCM city (Air port), Near Couch tunnel to 25km.
  • Station: Rig TS480 HX, MFJ 986 Tuner, RCB5-3, Diawa 40A 13.8VDC Power supply, ANTs, There one 25mH towers, 3el Yagi 14/21/28 MHz, 7el Yagi 50MHz, 32el Yagi 7/10MHz, Sloop Dipole 1.8/3.5MHz
  • Email: nguyen.ducminh28@gmai.com , nmd49dt@yahoo.com