A DA-RC Wish List – The Perfect Xmas Solution


With the merriment of gift giving almost upon us, many radio comms enthusiasts will be asked by friends and family members what they’d love for Christmas…

Forget the chocolates, underpants, socks and alcohol (although the latter is still most definitely an option for most) — this is a super opportunity to score something new for the shack; to give it a much needed overhaul in time for New Year and approaching DX season!  And more importantly, if you play your cards right, then YOU don’t have to pay for it!

Experience tells that writing a letter to the fat guy in the big red suit requesting a new Yaesu FT-9000 for Chrissie is far too unreliable to guarantee a new edition to the shack.  The message just doesn’t seem to ever get through the endless wail about budgets and bills, practicalities and deservabilities (Sorry, I made that word up) which seem to always be on the horizon at this time of year.

A better idea is dropping a few ‘not so subtle’ hints to those likely to be shelling out presents in your direction. Uncles, aunts, parents, grandparents — anyone and everyone who’ll listen.

And instead of a verbal request how about a formal Xmas Wish List, printed off and mailed or hand delivered?

On this note, please see below a special Xmas Wish List with a radio hobby theme, thanks to the input of a number of DA-RC members.

Note the special  ‘Gift Justification’ to the XYL too, should SHE be the target of your radio hobby ‘wish hit’.  Now the hard work is even done for you!


# Justification: “After a stressful year at work, Darling, there’s nothing I’d like more than to kick back in a hammock with the woman I love and enjoy some quiet reading.  You can read your trashy romance novels but I need something with more credibility like a radio mag… I promise I won’t make any ridiculous purchases from the classifieds section!”

# Justification: “Sun safety is important right, Sweety Pie.  After all — you don’t want me getting sun cancers while I’m participating in some field day DX do you?  Who’ll take care of you and the kids?”

# Justification: “You’ve been saying for ages that the bassy audio from my transceiver annoys the hell out of you, Sugar Lips. Well, buy me a pair of headphones for Christmas and your worries are over!  Consider it an ‘investment in your sanity’, Love.”

# Justification: “I understand you getting the poops with me winging about getting kicked off Cluster all the time…  I know you’ve heard enough of it, Pooky.  I don’t like bad language or violent temper tantrums either.  But if I was a ‘Lounge Member’ then the Spot Boards would be at my disposal 24/7 and Soren and the boys would have no option but to leave me signed in on the site!”

# Justification: “I don’t like yelling at you to fetch the world atlas anymore than you like hearing it, Honey Bunch.  But working small islands is great for my geography learnedness and being able to match you intellectually is important to me.  Of course, one of RSGB’s IOTA directories would mean I’d have access to the world’s islands at my fingertips without screaming for your help but that’s a decision you’ll have to make.  Just remember that I love you.”

  • Gift Idea 7: Membership subscription in the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society (See http://arlhs.com/)

# Justification: “You know sea safety has always been important to me, Love.  Do you know one of the objectives of the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society is to promote public awareness of the role radio and light beacons have played in assisting and maintaining safety at sea?  Do you know they’re calling for people to show their support?  What a wonderful cause, wouldn’t you agree…”

# Justification: “I’m an environmentally conscious guy, Darling. Wasting copious amounts of paper jotting down QSO details is bad for the environment. It upsets me.  One of these special gifts will save thousands of trees.  Remember more trees = more oxygen = healthy planet.  After Xmas, let’s go hug a tree!?!?!?!”

These are just a few great Christmas gift ideas available to the DX enthusiast without breaking the bank; the perfect compilation of gifts for the serious radio comms user to fill any Xmas Wish List.  Print it off for your friends and family members and pray for the best!
On behalf of the DA-RC team, good luck with acquiring a gift for the shack this Christmas!