*MEET* 3DA012 Roger

The Federative Republic of Brazil is home to DA-RC HQ Team Member 3DA012 Roger.  Formerly 3ZK012 and a long serving affiliate of the famous French dx group Zoulou Kilo, Roger is one of South America’s leading Freeband DXers, someone whose professionalism and commitment to achieving success in the hobby is incomparable to most.

Roger’s QTH in the world’s fifth largest and fifth most populated country is the stunning tropical city of Maceió (Mah-say-oh), located between Mundaú Lake and the Atlantic Ocean, in the coastal state Alagoas.  This favourable DXstination with tremendous yagi takeoffs to the Pacific area has enabled Roger to work a number of Delta-Alfa IOTA stations in recent times such as 224DA111 Donnie on Marakei Atoll and 320DA011 Karl on Banaba Island.

While half of Brazil’s territory is covered by the basin of the Amazon River and its tributaries, a region that is one of the world’s largest rainforest ecologies, 3DA012 Roger’s QTH in contrast, has a great coastal ambiance and stands out for its beauty-embedded in palm trees, mangroves and the bright green sea.

In addition to being a passionate radio communications hobbyist and enthusiastic about developing DA-RC’s presence in South America with some exciting activations, 3DA012 Roger has a strong interest in recreational fishing, and heads out to Maceio’s paradisiacal white surf beaches such as Barra de Sao Miguel, Jacarecica and Garça Torta chasing fresh fish, shrimp and lobster whenever time permits.

As well as fishing the calm and crystal blue waters off Maceió, Roger also has an enthralment with remote and radio controlled cars, spending many hours when the 11m band propagation is quiet, driving his model cars via a radio control system.

A devoted Yaesu man, Roger has a terrific hobby related personal website (See https://www.delta-alfa.com/qsl-gallery/member-websites/ ) exhibiting pictures of his impressive station, as well as information about himself and his radio friends.

“I am very proud to use the Delta-Alfa callsign,” says DA-RC’s latest SA member.  “You have built up the structure to make DA-RC a reference of seriousness and professionalism on the 11m band in such a short time so to be part of these adventures should be great!”