*DX AWARDS* DA-RC ‘Worked All Zones (WAZ)’


IMG_1229The ‘WAZ Award’ for hams began in 1934 and is now embraced by the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) for our bustling community of whole-hearted 11m band DX Hunters.

The new ‘DA-RC WAZ Award’ is an exceptional radio honour granted to those 11m band radio operators who’ve successfully complete two-way  radio  communications with other Freeband radio stations located in each of the 40 geographic (CQ) zones of the world (See below).


hygainThis rare accolade is available to DA-RC members world-wide only, emailed as a PDF file upon verification, and is the perfect addition indeed for the radio shack mantel for any serious DX Hunter in the club.

Like all DA-RC Awards in our club’s Achievement Program, the application process is stringent indeed to protect the integrity of the program. 

Evidence/Proofs, such as logs and QSL confirmation cards, is required to ensure all criteria are satisfied and applications are approved.

cq zone

0037-4252944To obtain your personal ‘DA-RC Worked All Zones (WAZ) Award’ is easy…

Simply send your log sheet, identifying stations worked and confirmed in all 40 of the CQ Zones, to DA-RC HQ.

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