*PRODUCT WATCH* W2IHY Technologies

413229W2IHY Technologies specializes in affordable audio technology for amateur radio applications. 

Their products are built to be used in transmitting environments where RFI and less-than-perfect ground systems can compromise the performance of audio equipment.

Extensive RF Isolation and Audio Isolation solutions are designed into all W2IHY products.

img_1363551711_15065_1498000256_mod_415_105The legendary W2IHY 8-Band and Dual-Band Audio Equalizers/ Noise Gates are in use worldwide.

EQplus, their newest product, is a sophisticated audio processing chain for high-end transmit audio. iBox is a variable audio attenuator and interface box ideal for audio chains and interface to radio equipment & computers. 

They also provide high-quality, custom-made cables for all of your audio needs.

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  • URL: http://www.w2ihy.com/
  • Featured Products: iplus, EQplus, 8 Band Audio Equalizer, Dual Band Audio Equalizer and Noise gate, iBox Variable Attenuator And Interface Box