*HAM RENTAL* Villa Desert Palm, Bonaire

Villa Desert Palm was designed with the casual DXer and his family in mind, while at the same time providing a world class contest setup on one of the most gorgeous IOTA DXstinations on the planet.

One of the most recently allocated DXCC entities, this IOTA hot-spot is a beautiful Caribbean island that, with the uninhabited islet of Klein Bonaire nestled in its western crescent, forms a special municipality of the Netherlands.

The creation of Villa Desert Palm, a fully equipped radio shack, means one can now help the world’s DX Hunters tick off another “new one” in the log.

Bonaire_PJ4DXVilla Desert Palm is a 2 story, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom rental cottage, with a fully equipped ham shack occupying the entire upper floor.

It also boasts a fully furnished living area, cable TV, high speed internet, local telephone and air conditioning.

Villa Desert Palm was designed to enable the travelling DXer to ‘plug-in and play’.

Full Infos

  • Station: Ten Tec Omni VI, Kenwood TL922 amplifier, 30 amp power supply, Bencher Skyhalk Triband yagi antenna on 20m tower. Visitors are welcome to bring any additional equipment.
  • Contact Email: info@villadesertpalm.com
  • Website: http://www.villadesertpalm.com
  • Getting There: There are a number of international carriers servicing Bonaire, making it relatively easy to get there.  There are many one-stop services via Houston, Newark, Atlanta, San Juan, Aruba or Curacão with connections originating from numerous points in the USA and non-stop service from Europe (Amsterdam) as well as from Ecuador.
  • Rates: On application