*EDITORIAL* View from Above


As every amateur shutterbug has learned, it’s nigh on impossible to capture the true beauty of the setting sun.

That is, unless of course you’re a ham radio antenna perched at the summit of a lofty tower, high in the heavens. 

Then, you might become somewhat of an expert!

Few would argue the fact that radio comms antennas get the opportunity to experience sunsets like no other.

From their abode, soaring above the rooftops of their respective DX Hunter’s home, they witness the sky in the afternoons as it gives rise to a rainbow of watercolour reds, pearly pinks, oranges and vibrant purples; blazing colours that dance in the early evening light; as us mere hobbyists worship the ‘somewhat mundane’ grey-line – the imaginary band around the Earth which separates daylight from darkness.

In the mornings, they behold the brilliant orange pouring out of the sun and across the horizon; the sky blood red with furrowed clouds with every shade from palest pink to deep crimson, as dawn breaks over the horizon.

In modern times, such astounding imagery has become the norm on QSL confirmation cards, especially with the antenna in the foreground; evidence again that the ham antenna truly enjoys the greatest vantage point of all.

They are the greatest of images in our hobby community; the ultimate representation of wide open space, of freedom, of a world waiting to be explored.

While such magnificent antennas expose the DX at their fingertips, they are indeed the true connoisseurs of the land, the providential witness to everything that is great and beautiful in the surrounds of a QTH.

Portable SunsetNone quite such as spectacular as the accompanying atmospheric effects created by the burnt-orange sphere that sinks towards the horizon each day and stirs again each morning like an awakening child.

In this article, we acknowledge — with images — the occasions of a majestic sunset.  We imagine what it would be like to enjoy the first class seats of our towering antenna arrays in the theatre of a world class nightfall and dare to dream we could be so fortunate — to exchange our shack chairs for a vantage point at the rooftop of our hobby world…

73 de 43DA001 Darren