*EDITORIAL* The Most Underestimated DXcessory

What’s the most important accessory when it comes to radio shack existence?

A set of headphones?  Think again.  A Log book?  No chance.  An external speaker?  You’re kidding yourself!

Really, it’s not what you think…

For my part, when it comes to essential accessories for one’s radio shack existence, this item stands alone on the podium of greatness; peerless and unsurpassed by any other, Olympic gold medal in hand.

Essentially, a renovation of my own home radio shack today confirmed that this particular item, actually, is about as valuable as a ‘face mask in Covid-19 lockdown’.

As a matter of fact, if you’re ever stranded on a deserted island and requiring only a handful of DXcessories to operate in synchronization and without anxiety, then I’d imagine you’d NEED one of these ‘guys’ with you.

Small.  Insignificant.  Cheap.  Unspoken.  And absolutely essential for shack harmony!

I ordered 4 of them on eBay when I released how critical they were to my radio shack’s orderliness.

The most underestimated DXcessory for a sophisticated radio shack, in my eyes, is the microphone hang-up clip and you can see its impact in the pictures left, right and above.

4cm x 2cm and 2 screws of absolute necessity.

The microphone hang-up clip, in my eyes, is one of the most undervalued, underrated, underrecognized items for Ham or Freeband radio ops in the retail world.

In a radio shack with multiple rigs and endless looping mic chords such as the one above, the hang-up clip, in my opinion, is the saviour and you can see in the pictures above that it makes a helluva difference.

It allows the ‘Shack Honcho’ to position the handheld mic in a convenient location on his shack benchtop.

It allows him to control the movement of the mic chord so it doesn’t get tangled with other ‘less significant’ DXcessories; conveniently reachable when the DX calls and then re-stackable when it departs.

The indispensable microphone hang-up clip also, protects your mic from accidental drops to the floor by locking it in to a side location; a desk or shelf edge; always neat and tidy and out of the way.

Furthermore, the microphone hang-up clip prevents the mic from swinging down and smashing into other equipment too.

This can not only damage the mic but also leave a dent in less robust DXcessories than the ‘clip’ and nobody wants that.


The microphone hang-up clip is a crucial part of shack organisation and without it, you jeopardize the harmony of your shack.

In fact, if your handheld mic is unclipped then your life is in your hands.

73 de Darren, 43DA001