*PRODUCT REVIEW* TS-6M Transceiver

Team ©, the manufacturer based in Frankfurt Germany, has been in the CB radio market for some years now.  Indeed they’ve had success too with their models such as the Roadcom and also their homebase radios that have received acclaim; and then there are those such as myself whom have not been so impressed with some other features…

Team TS-6M

The times could be changing now with the release soon of the Team TS-6M (Multi).  This is a radio with the “X-Factor” as some would call it.  For starters, there is a different build quality — maybe a different maker for them perhaps — and all in all and euro for euro this will, am sure, be a winner for them.

The new Team radio in-fact has some history…  Thanks to the kindness of Team I can tell you that it’s a development of the TS-520 that was released during 1994.

This new radio, which was internally known as the TS600 Multi before becoming the TS6M, is based on the older TS-520 radio it seems.  I have not personally operated one of the early ones so I can’t really comment more on it, but it seems to be a very well revised version indeed.

Call me a skeptic if you will but the TS-520 still looks to me like a Harry II from President!  Maybe it’s my old age (birthday was recently) but they seem to share some pedigree in my eyes.  More on this later…


In the box really are all of the standard things you need in a radio.  There’s a fitted power lead that in my opinion could be a little longer, a bracket, mic and mic mount with screws, a multi-language manual and most importantly…the radio itself.  The dimensions are a pleasing 123 x 43 x 162mm and the norms the radio can manage are the all important UK+CEPT, German, Polish, EU, EC, EI and of course the power formats from 4w FM and 1w AM to 4w AM.  It’s fine for Pan EU operation, therefore, and is a nice size for even the newer style cars.

There are backlit buttons also on the Team TS-6M and the display is interesting too as it’s a stepping stone style of LED — almost the same as with the Harry II from President.  There is also a UK/EU light that changes when the band is deployed and of course a mode button, as well as a ch9/19 for selecting both the emergency channel and calling channel.


Occasionally this area has let Team down in the past to my way of thinking.  Indeed the insides of some of their radios have often looked like someone was sick in them.  The TS-6M, on the other hand, is to the other extreme.  This radio is slick, well laid out and has a nicely cut board, which shows that someone who ‘cared’ manufactured it rather than a company which makes DVD players one day, microwaves the next and then “oh yes now we make a CB”.

The Guts

On the other side of the coin, there is a terrible channel bleep in the TS-6M that could raise the dead; it is something that President calls a “key feature” but that is rubbish.  However, turn on the radio with the DN button pressed and the bleep is killed; the exact same way that President was made to kill this annoying feature.

The channel change has a good click and not a soft thud as it changes and this also adds to the operating experience as it seems something decent in the hands.

So, as normal operators do not usually look under the cover, then we shall carry on with other descriptions other than saying that “inside — it’s a beauty”.

Audio and On the Air

Sometimes in the past, Team radios had a very nasally TX audio so it made things not so pleasant to hear.  The TX audio of the TS-6M, however, is clear, sharp and punchy on both AM and FM with very little to differ them in-fact.  Take my advice though and don’t use a desk mic with it on AM like I did as many complaints were received.

The speaker emits a lovely sound and this, in association with the ASC, is so well implemented that tests here v Harry II showed the Team radio opened quicker and closed when noisy where the Harry opened.  I think, used at home or in the car that this radio will serve you well.  Sure, AM power legally is low here, but in the UK there is not AM so not any worries with that.  And as for the mic, well it’s an Electret and it works like hell.  The sound is strong, sharp and punchy!

Costings……yep going to be NASTY — or so I thought…

RearSo, you have a multi EU radio which comes with all the bands you need when travelling inside EU. It has backlit buttons, a clear but small display, the audio is nice and the received sound is pleasant on the ears and most of all it has ASC (Automatic Squelch) that works well too.

Like I mooted before, there are so many things that make me believe the TS-6M is from another manufacturer but sadly this is based on nothing more than gut feelings really and a few inconclusive observations.  I have examined the radio well and it shares so many things that others have in their lines.  The ASC, which is known as ASQ, opens quicker than a President and at almost the same time, which is consistent with others from different manufacturers.

Bearing in mind all the goodies that come with this new Team radio — features that you normally find in a President — it was with great shock that I was told the going price.  After all, how much would you expect to pay for this style of radio?  130-180 euro (113£ – 156£)?  This is the ball park figure, for example, that a President radio costs; and indeed Inteks are around the same price for a radio with similar features too.

So, imagine the sight of me falling on the floor and almost banging my head as the proposed costing is between 59-69 euro (52£ – 60£).  Trust me as I am not joking here — this is a retail price and myself I have bought the test radio that was sent to me because I was so impressed.  It does work that good, so listen in the summer and maybe you will hear me.


There are often telltale signs in a radio’s design which communicate where the radio has been produced. The manufacturer usually leaves a sort of signature element, in fact, that makes you think, “Well, that’s an X or Y produced radio…”  To be honest, with this radio, however, I do not know what the answer is.  My gut feeling tells me there is more than one similarity with the Uniden produced radios.  For instance, how the annoying channel change bleep can be stopped, the export features, the sharp receive and transmit and many more things.  The board is a classy affair too, cut nicely, and the mic seems from Maycom maybe and is Electret.


  • Excellent quality of manufacture:  Uniden or Maycom in my opinion
  • Export modification, channel bleep killer, s-meter style: Uniden
  • Microphone: Electret and looks more Maycom than Uniden judging by the buttons
  • Size, fitted power lead and the touch, feel on buttons: Uniden
  • Pricing: 100% better than President, more Features than an Intek, while still in the pricing of a radio that is surely low budget


This radio has already raised some eyebrows and indeed one manufacturer wants to buy some to look at.  Like I keep saying, I cannot be sure who made it and indeed where it was made; I just know it is being shipped here by sea!  Sure, that narrows it down right!

In summing up, I would like to personally thank Mr Siemann from Team GMbH who loaned me the radio for tests.  Not many people are doing this these days as a bad review can kill something cold just as a good one can make it fly but the risks are there.

I can only base my review on my tests with my antennas here and the radio passed well.  My one true wish is that Team goes the same way for more radios and maybe not concentrate on the Roadcom or the FS or the other small radios in its range.  I hope instead that they look to the people that made the TS-6M for them as they seem to have found a real winner here.

I know from telephone calls with Team that the radio has taken well over 1 year to be looked at, tested and some other options explored.  The time and attention to detail has obviously paid off because this radio really does have the “X Factor”.

By Simon, 13DA007