*PRODUCT WATCH* TS-2000 Commemorative Rig

Ask most DXers what the latest premier rig release for Amateur Radio Communications giant Kenwood was and chances are they’d say, “The TS-2000.” 

They’d be half right too – a magnificent, top of the range transceiver with dual DSP performance cased in a striking grey chassis and ideal for DX adventure.

What most DXers do not realize, however, was that Kenwood actually released a limited edition black version of the All-Mode Multi-bander as part of its 60th anniversary celebrations back in August 2006 and that this particular rig remains one of the most sought after rigs in modern times!

Kenwood launched the sale of its TS-2000 black commemorative model during a period of global implementation of various business promotion programs and brand strategies in accordance with its birthday festivities.  

The company positioned these 60th Anniversary Models as a prestige series, equipped with the highest performance and class, built on the full range of technology and expertise accumulated over the years in the fields of ‘sound’ and ‘wireless radio’, as well as Kenwood’s consistent core competence since its foundation.

As a leading manufacturer of amateur radio and audio equipment, fields that have been supporting Japan’s post-war economic growth in pursuit of sophisticated hobbies, the Kenwood 60th Anniversary Model adds uniform black colour finishing in its various components, including its front panel, main turn knob, and carrying handle. 

While retaining the multi-functionality and high quality of the original model, luxurious touches have been added to realize a product that deserves to be called a prestige model.

Apparently, the sales quantity of this special rig within the worldwide market was limited to 570 rigs (260 in the Americas, 210 in Europe, 40 in China and 60 in Japan), with a limited serial number starting with number 1 affixed to the back of the product as a token of Kenwood’s hope for many years of enjoyment.

Also, as for the Americas and Japanese versions, the popular DRU-3A (digital recording unit) (Pictured above) and VS-3 (sound synthesizing unit) were accompanying accessories, with the ARCP-2000 (radio control program) (Pictured right) included; the three together making the product an attractive all-in-one package and certainly one to keep an eye out for.

73 de Darren, 43DA001