*DX NEWS* Thief Steals Rig – Gets Busted!

Popular World Headquarters Member 3DA012 Roger suffered the misfortune recently of having his car broken into and his prized Yaesu FT-857 transceiver stolen.

Approximately 2 weeks ago, Roger left his car in a private car park facility while visiting friends in Maceió (Mah-say-oh) City only to return a few hours later to find his window smashed and his car doors wide open. 

Much to his dismay, Roger discovered that various items in his car, including his cherished transceiver, had been pinched.

“I had the bad idea to leave the passenger window a little bit open (5 cm) as the car was in the sun and the Brazil sun was hot,” explains Roger.

“The thief found a way to open the door and make off with my belongings pffffff…”

Not a man to take such things lying down, Roger immediately offered a generous $50.00 US reward for any information that might lead to the recovery of his radio and other belongings and to find the perpetrator (dead or alive lol).

Soon after the reward was posted, Roger received a phone call from the car park attendant who informed him that he suspected whom the culprit might be but pleaded that our Roger not call the police.

Two days later he received another phone call informing him that the rig had been recovered after the thief was caught by the very same car park attendant trying to sell it.

“That’s the good news,” says Roger. 

“The bad news is that the thief or somebody else tried to use it without any antenna so the radio is Out Of Service and needs to be repaired!”

3DA012 Roger hopes to have his portable station back before the end of June.

Until that time he is limited to a 120 channel citizens band radio with only 20 watts output for work on the 11m band.

Still, at least he has his radio back and will be able to resume his passion for portable DX adventure soon!