*DX NEWS* Testing a NEW 6 element


Talented antenna engineer PD5MVH / 19DA109 Marcel reports the commencement of a new project at his workshop in the Hague……an amazing 6 elements log periodic with 4 driven dipoles.

No doubt this will be one helluva DX Monster when it all comes together!

“When it all works okay,” explains one of the Dx Adventure Radio Club’s most industrious members, “it will give a huge 13 Db gain and a great front/back ratio of 35 Db.”

From all reports, Marcel will test the antenna with a new FG-01 Analyzer from You Kits.  This small 1 module unit covers 4 bands (TX covering: 3.5-4 MHz, 7.0-7.3 MHz, 10.1-10.15 MHz, 14.0-14.35 MHz / RX covering: 3.2-16 MHz) and is the perfect instrument for Marcel’s antenna experimentation.

“If the antenna is ready for the analyzer,” says an excited Marcel on the DA-RC Mailing List, “we’ll show you the results!”

I’m sure we’d all be interested in seeing those soon!