*HAM FRIENDLY* Terau Beach Bungalows, Abaiang Atoll

Standby serious IOTA DXpeditioners!

In the Northern Gilbert Islands (OC-017), on distant Abaiang Atoll, is one of the best ham-friendly lodgings existing in the west-central Pacific Ocean… Terau Beach Bungalows.

Overlooking the sparkling blue waters and white sandy beaches which surround it, as well as the spectacular seascapes of nearby Marakei Island in the distance, Terau Beach Bungalows offers an incredible vantage point for dxpedition operations.

Incredible, uninterrupted, yagi take offs across the sea to all major DX markets (i.e. EU, SA, NA, OC & AS), efficient saltwater environments for vertical antenna use, make this confirmed ham friendly accommodation well worth considering.

Add to that the precious opportunity to TX from a much sought after entity in the remote Gilbert Islands IOTA Group, plus of course the enormous pile-ups to follow, and y

The great news too is that, according to long time DA-RC members 224DA057 Taketi and 224DA111 Donnie based on Marakei Island, the local accommodation owners would gladly welcome a large or small team of ham or 11m radio operators at any time in the future.

Also known as Apaiang, Apia, or Charlotte Island, Abaiang is the fourth most northerly in the Gilberts chain of atolls and the perfect launchpad for other IOTA Dxstinations in the Gilbert Islands IOTA group.

Based on the information available, Terau Beach Bungalows can be described as minimalistic and simple, yet clean and comfortable.

Solar powered electricity outlets, with ample power to supply a 24 hour ham station, and mosquito meshes are available and all rooms feature a kitchen and bathroom.

In their DX downtime, DXpedition team members can relax in a hammock in the cool breeze, with the ultimate sound of waves and shells being washed under their bungalow.

In the daytime, they can explore the Island of Abaiang by foot, motorcycle, pushbike or boat or enjoy swimming, diving or snorkelling over beautiful untouched coral reef teeming with sea life.

Bikes, cars and boats are all available for hire from accommodation staff also.

Reportedly, the accommodation owners can also organise tours for guests, including game fishing trips, picnics, visits to local villages such as Ubanteman, Takarano, Tebunginako and others, or to other islets for the day (e.g. Tarawa, Marakei and various smaller islets)

Terau Beach Bungalow also features a restaurant (with room service), bar, a shared lounge and garden in Ubanteman.

Furthermore, every bungalow is equipped with a patio/terrace with a garden view and there is lots of space for the installation of antennas + coconut palms for guys.

Delicious meals at Terau Beach Bungalow are available from $5 – $20 AUD each.

Here, the DXpedition Team members or individual dx adventurist can enjoy traditional Kiribati dishes, prepared with a blend of organically grown vegetables and brilliant seafood (e.g. fish, lobster, etc.) to satisfy their appetite.

A continental breakfast is included in the accommodation cost also.

Getting There

DXpeditioners must first travel to Bonriki International Airport on Tarawa Atoll – Direct flights are available from Australia.

They can then fly direct to Abaiang, which has an airstrip of its own, or take a boat from Tarawa.