*DX RESOURCE* Ten Four Magazine

Ham, 11m, CB and SWL buffs are always hunting information based texts (e.g. magazines, books, journals, web forums, etc.) to inspire their continuation in our great hobby.

For 41 Division DA-RCies and other Oceania based members, the New Zealand based North Shore CB Radio Club’s official Magazine, TEN FOUR, contains an abundance of attention-grabbing infos for cb and ham radio enthusiasts, guaranteed to keep you occupied for hours of shack down time.  Not bad indeed for a publication offered by a non-profit organisation which relies on donations from its club members to hit the stands!

According to the club’s website, TEN FOUR magazine is posted monthly to financial members and advertisers free of charge and is available to subscribers the world over at just $15.00 per year + postage.

Content includes technical tips and tricks, jokes, monthly club reports, chairman and secretary’s reports, funny photos of members, gossip columns, an events calendar listing festivals, meetings, mountain hikes, concerts, fun runs and motorcycle rides, guidelines for radio comms, tasty recipes and much more!


For contributors, all articles must be in the hands of the Editors by the first weekend of each month.

Opinions expressed or information given in this magazine are not necessarily those of the North Shore C.B. Radio Club Inc. or its advertisers.

TEN FOUR is subject to copyright in its entirety.  All letters and other material forwarded to the magazine will be assumed for publication unless clearly labelled.  No responsibility is accepted for unsolicited material.


The web version of TEN FOUR is published monthly in conjunction with the club magazine.  Excerpts from the magazine TEN FOUR are published on the web also.


All correspondence including newsletters and enquiries should be directed to:

North Shore C.B. Radio Club Inc.
PO Box 36201
Northcote, Northshore
0748, New Zealand
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