If you’re an independent operator on the eleven meter band (i.e. not belonging to any of the world’s recognised radio clubs) and hesitant to undertake DXpedition work due to the costs it might incur (e.g. designing and purchasing QSL cards, replying QSL cards, etc.), OR, headaches around organization/ planning, then why not consider a temporary Delta-Alfa QRZ for your activity…

At the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC), we specialize in all aspects of DXpedition work undertaken by 11m DX enthusiasts and we are here to assist.

Not only can we provide you with a quality QSL Managerial service and a first class QSL card from one of our special designers but we can also provide you with logistical support both pre and post-trip.

Reconnaissance information such as infos on ham friendly accommodation, prior activities, operating tips, station equipment and also promotions in the form of your very own page in the DA-RC Activities section are just some of the services that our great club can provide.

Any DXpedition undertaken under a Delta-Alfa QRZ is also entitled to have their logs and proofs displayed on the DA-RC website.

In the modern day world of DXpedition work, this is the expectation of most serious DX Hunters — that they have access to the log and also the evidence that the activity is a legitimate one.

DA-RC has all of this covered and more.

If you’re interested in undertaking dx adventure and meet the criteria for a temporary Delta-Alfa QRZ on the eleven meter band then please contact us via the contact form with the necessary infos.

73 de DA-RC HQ