*DX NEWS* DXpedition Sponsorship Opportunity

When it comes to rewarding the tremendous generosity of DXpedition sponsors, the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) and our many committed DX adventurers are second to none!

This next DXpedition sponsorship opportunity is no different either, with backers having access to a wide range of benefits for supporting the upcoming 500DA/DX/IOTA activities by Team 43 to an exciting Oceanic DXCC.

Essentially, apart from contributing to DXpedition costs, these same benefits generate a sense of unbridled participation; a knowing that one has lent a hand in an event destined to bring happiness to a great number of DX Hunters, without setting foot from the shack.

Support also inspires additional activities in the schedule (i.e. an extra island, etc.).

This magnificent 500DA/DX/IOTA activity will take place over 14 days during early January 2020 from a DXCC not active on 11m for some 5 years.

It will also take in a never before activated island.

Costs [transport, excess baggage, meals, accommodation, travel, transfers, taxes, equipment hire, insurance, QSL production, etc.] for this very exciting DXpedition to Fiji Islands are estimated to be in the vicinity of $5000 US per team member.

Your financial support, therefore, is appreciated so as to ensure activities of this nature continue to be offered by Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) members.


All Sponsors will receive:

  • Operator name and QRZ displayed on the special QSL card
  • Sched opportunity for both activities (i.e. frequency, time, date, beam heading, etc.)
  • No contribution required for any QSL exchange
  • A postcard sent direct from the island
  • 40 page Logistics Program outlining all aspects of the DXpedition — Itinerary, prop forecasts, station info, accommodation, and much more
  • A beautiful full-colour certificate for the shack wall, designed by Eleven Four (See last year’s to the right)
  • Invitation to join a private Facebook Group where logs, propagation updates, photos, proofs and so much more will be posted.
  • Proofs emailed for first viewing during and after activities
  • Direct access to the Team via email, Zello and Facebook Messenger with an immediate response — The opportunity to ask questions of the Team, provide feedback and more.


Donations of 15 Euro or more can be made via PayPal to: darren43da001@yahoo.com

Or via snail mail to:

DA-RC HQ OC, PO Box 3140, Browns Plains LPO, QLD, Australia, 4118.

Please include your QRZ, radio name, preferred email address, Facebook profile, and coordinations for a post card or other items sent direct from the island.

Thanks for your support.

73 de DA-RC HQ