An exciting project by Europe based members of the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is coming to the end of its preparation (i.e. logistics and reconnaissance) and will by QRV in less than 1 month on the eleven meter band!

As this intended DXstination is super sensitive for visitors, as well as for those who operate on the Freeband, this activity will be branded as 500DA/0 until the dxpedition has concluded.

All details will be released to the 11m DX Community, including proofs, at the conclusion of activity which will be a maximum of 24 hours.

This entity has not been active on 26-27 MHz frequencies for more than 10 years and therefore satisfies the DA-RC’s stringent criteria around callsign allocation as a ‘Most Wanted’ entity.

In order to be able to help the team to make this project a reality, a call for your generosity is launched…

If you are interested in helping to finalize this wonderful activation, a donation from you is welcome and will be greatly appreciated by the DXpedition team.

Donations of 10 € or more via PayPal will be directed towards…

  • Reducing transport costs to and from the DXstination
  • The design, print and delivery of double QSL cards

In return, you will be rewarded as follows:

  • Inscription of your name and callsign on the back of the QSL card
  • Your name and callsign added to a list on the DA-RC website
  • Personal sending of a postcard direct from the place of activation
  • Free contribution if you contact the activation
  • Registration on the private Facebook group – especially created for this activity
  • Access to skeds, real-time info, log updates, QRG and QTR of this activation
  • First access to proofs, photos, videos, etc.

Donations of 10 € or more are accepted via PayPal which enables safe and secure online transactions.

Choose “payment to a friend / family” especially not to a merchant!

When making your donation, please indicate your QRZ + your address for sending the direct postcard thank you

The account email address is: delta.alfa.activation@gmail.com

Thank you for supporting this initiative by EU based members of the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC).