*HAM SHACK* Kwajalein Atoll

Imagine endless 5/9+ pile ups from a remote Pacific Ocean dxstination, swathed in natural beauty; white sandy beaches dotted with coconut palms, aqua blue seas teeming with fish, turtles and other colourful marine life.

Apart from being a dx adventurer’s paradise, as rare IOTA entities on the 11m band in particular goes, this OC-028 referenced entity and its surrounding islets ticks all the boxes.

Pictured below, the Kwajalein Amateur Radio Club (KARC) Radio Shack is located in the Marshall Islands (132 Division), a picturesque island QTH and associated state of the US, near the Equator, west of the International Date Line.

This fiercely sought after DXCC sits atop ancient submerged volcanoes rising from the ocean floor, about halfway between Hawaii (17 Division) and Australia (43), north of Nauru (271) and Kiribati (224/265/266), east of the Federated States of Micronesia (230), and south of the disputed US territory of Wake Island (278).

The southernmost and largest atoll of 132 Division is ‘Kwajalein’ and this is situated in the Ralik Chain, roughly 3900 km southwest of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Comprising 97 islands and islets, this DX hotspot has a land area of 16.4 km² and surrounds one of the largest lagoons in the world, with an area of 2174 km².

In addition to being one of the world’s largest coral atolls, Kwajalein is also the historic site of the Battle of Kwajalein, which was fought as part of the Pacific campaign of World War II.

Fitting then that the tiny island of Ebeye, the most populous island of Kwajalein Atoll, be the location of the Kwajalein Amateur Radio Club radio shack.

The DA-RC can confirm that KARC HQ has everything you’ll need to be ravaged by incoming radio signals right across the bands, including the hobby’s best HF DX band, eleven meters.

An ICOM IC-7410 HF/50MHz transceiver is available for use by club members and visiting hams.

There’s a 1500-Watt amplifier to ensure your TX signal is well heard too.

Outside the Kwajalein shack (See below), on a manicured grassed area with several coconut palms providing structure, are multiple antennas with the added TX advantage of being a stone throw from the sea.

These include wire dipoles, verticals, and a monstrous 10-element log periodic yagi to provide that ‘Big Gun’ status necessary as rare DX.

By all reports, there’s only one accommodation option available on Ebeye Island though and this is the ‘Hotel Ebeye’.

Hotel Ebeye is located close to the harbour where the boat from the airport arrives, and a short walking distance to the Kwajalein Amateur Radio Club (KARC) Radio Shack.

For around $15 US per night, neat and tidy rooms here have air conditioning, a television, Wi-Fi access, kitchenette, and ensuite.

An attached restaurant sells a variety of US and Asian foods, and, most importantly, cold beer.

Outside of radio ops, there are plenty of wonderful recreational activities to do and spectacular sites to see for the visiting dx adventurer.

Some include snorkelling, scuba diving around coral reef and old WWII ship and plane wrecks, food and craft markets, swimming, game fishing, visiting the war museum, photography, island hopping or island day trips, trekking, and much more.

There’s even a swimming pool, basketball court and skate park next door to the shack.

For a summary of key points around this ham shack, plus how you can be QRV in the Marshall Islands, see below.


  • SHACK NAME:  Kwajalein Amateur Radio Club (KARC)
  • LOCATION:  Kwajalein Atoll
  • IOTA REFERENCE:  OC-028 (See http://www.islands.upway.pl/1_1.php?ID_is=52174 )
  • GRID SQUARE:  RJ38ur
  • COST:  On application
  • CONTACT PERSON:  Paul Cooper (KA4WPX)
  • EMAIL:  v73ax@hotmail.com
  • PHONE:  805-355-3574
  • V7 LICENSING:  Ask Paul
  • GETTING THERE:  The Marshall Islands International Airport is located on the south side of Majuro Atoll.  Two airlines serve the islands bringing guests in, Air Marshall Islands and United Airlines.  The best way for Australians to get to the Marshall Islands is to either fly to Honolulu and then backtrack with United Airlines.
  • WX:  Tropical, hot all year round, little variation in temperature, trade winds blow constantly, tempering the heat.
  • URL:  https://www.qsl.net/v73ax/