*EDITORIAL* SES v Commemorative Stations *The Difference*

SES - ChristmasUsually conducted in the spirit of propagating sports, history, religion or culture, Commemorative and Special Event Stations (SES) together are arguably one of the most fascinating activities to appear on the 11m band.

While many categorize such episodes under the broad banner of SES, however, the two in my humble opinion are essentially different.

If you’re looking for a definition, Commemorative Stations can be explained as those “marking a unique, often tragic, moment in history or as giving honor an outstanding person/s whom is more often than not deceased, by way of a special callsign”.

Not SES but CommemorativeIn my view, these differentiate from Special Event Stations which celebrate momentous cultural experiences in modern times (e.g. Christmas [See right], Easter, high-level sporting competitions, etc.) rather than celebrate the memory of historic events or individuals deserved of special acknowledgment.

What makes for an appropriate event to celebrate or commemorate on-air, however, is often the subject of heated debate.  Some maintain that all SES or Commemorative Station activity is not worthy of an appearance on the band, let alone a contact in the log or an exchange of special QSL card to confirm the contact.

=Others, however, contend that while SES activity in other continents such as Europe has been rife, there is a place in the communications hobby for such on-air activities – particularly for those commemorating such moments in human existence which should never be forgotten.

In 43 Division, for instance, our short but colourful history is littered with catastrophic events that might make suitable causes for an on-air commemoration.  Moreover, the death of famous, much loved Australians, natural or man-made disasters and more, can all claim as deserving mention in a Commemorative Station conducted by a 43 Division operator.


The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) supports the concept of Commemorative and Special Event Stations (SES), providing they are in keeping with the guidelines outlined by the Club’s Activations Manager and DA-RC protocol.

73 de Darren, 43DA001