*DX NEWS* Sardinian Beauties Award

Our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is thrilled to herald the commencement of the Sardinian Beauties Award (SBA) which will go hand in hand with a series of exciting field activations across one of Europe’s most exquisite islands.

The SBA begins on June 1, 2024, and will conclude on 31 December of this year, with a window of some 7 months of delectable DX activity.

The brain child of Sardinia based member 165DA101 Alex, the main aim of this exciting innovation is to:

  1. Promote the prestigious archaeological, tourist and landscape beauties that the island of Sardinia offers to both its inhabitants and visitors; and
  2. To create an innovative radio sports event for the 11m DX Community; a competitive platform which offers an award at the event’s conclusion.

Impressively, with the support of his fellow SBA Project Team Members—1DA005 Gaetano and 1DA007 Darek165DA101 Alex has created a comprehensive online resource, particularizing activations, regulations, hunter scores, rankings and much more.

See: https://sbota.org

Here, you’ll also find detailed descriptions of Sardinia’s (such as the Ruins of the Roman city of Nora seen below), as well as a database of results and a calendar showing when each ‘Beauty’ will be active and when.

For ambitious dx adventurers, the main aim is to activate—over time—the greatest number of carefully chosen sites that this spectacular island has to offer.

This includes Lighthouses, Nuraghi, Domus de janas, Giants’ tombs, Menhirs, Dolmens, Temples, Sacred wells, Country Churches, Settlements Neolithic Sardinia, Coastal Towers, Parks, Beach, Minor Islands, and more!

On the special website, SB activations have been listed, along with the data and activation start time.

These will also be revealed on the DA-RC website under the ‘DXpedition List’ header in the right hand side menu.

Sensationally, a colour certificate will be issued, upon request, for each connected reference which will no doubt be a collector’s item for any serious DX Hunter.

The DA-RC sends its best wishes to all participants in this majestical project and congratulates Alex and his team on their tremendous work!

73 de DA-RC HQ Team