*DX NEWS* 3DA012 Roger’s Portable Attack

DA-RC headquarters member 3DA012 Roger has been out and about in the Alagoano State sunshine recently, trialing an impressive new portable set-up from his navy blue 4 x 4 Attack Ute in preparation for some upcoming Lighthouse On The Air (LOTA) dx adventure.

On Wednesday April 18, when parked only meters from gorgeous Pajuçara Beach in Maceió, our club’s renowned DX Hunter Roger went to work on the handheld microphone of his Yaesu transceiver, working a large number of stations in the Americas, Pacific and Asian regions.

Roger was particularly excited to log 102SD/AS118, an islands on the air (IOTA) station working from Failaka Island in the Persian Gulf, 20 km off the coast of Kuwait City.

With a 5/9 report each way, it’s clear the portable station is working magnificently and will do the job just fine for Roger’s pending dx work from some of Brazil’s most amazing lighthouses.

“That’s a good news about the propagation for next weekend, says 3DA012 Roger

“Hope to put you in my log for 3DA/BRA083 Porto de pedras lighthouse!”