*DXPEDITION REPORT* 14DA/AT-118 Sept Îles Island

Today the 31/07/2012, I went on Sept Îles Island for an activation as 14DA/AT-118 (EU/NV).  It’s a nice island in the Morbihan Gulf with more than 40 others in the area too.

The last activation of this island was by the Alfa Tango team which took place in 2007.

The sea is at low tide and the access on this day with my radio equipment is easy.  The weather is fine, if not a little cloudy.

After taking some photographs for proofs of nearby landmarks, now it’s time to set-up the complete station: an ICOM 706MK2 transceiver with 80w output, a Bamby antenna from its special carry case and a battery for power.

After my first CQ call on 27.555 MHz USB and QSY to 27.580, Xavier 30/14AT759 from Spain is coming through at 5/8 at 10h07 local time.  Thanks, Xavier!

Fellow Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) members 14DA049 Fred and 30DA016 Dave also follow later in the log.

I pass QRT two hours later with 16 stations in my log from 7 DXCC (30, 14, 29, 47, 35, 26 and 49).

Thanks to all for the contacts from Sept Îles Island.

73 de Phil 14DA028