*DXPEDITION REPORT* 14DA/62010R, Ile de l’Ecluse


This is 14DA028 Phil’s DXpedition report for his recent Inland Water Island (IWI) activation of Ile de l’Ecluse (Fort Gassion) on Sunday 08/03/15…

It’s a very good day here in the northern part of France with the sun shining brightly and the temperature at 12°C. 

Sure it’s not the same pleasant WX like other parts of the country but it’s a great start and perfect for chasing DX.

Before me, the picturesque Aire (Aisne) River which stretches for some 290 kilometres, houses memories of three bitter battles of World War I which were fought in the nearby valleys of the Aisne. 

There are small boats passing by with fishermen hunting for the elusive carp which grow up to 50lbs and catfish to 80lbs.

SAM_8145Soon my FT-857D transceiver, KL-501 linear, Skypper antenna and 2 big batteries which comprise my portable station, are installed on the shores of the river and I commence on the microphone at 09h00 GMT as 14DA/62010R.

First up in my headphones are Craint Degun Team (aka 14RS013 Jeff & 14RS051 Chris) on Pomègues Island  for 14RS/ME-016, ITL both sides. 

Thank you guys for the terrific EU-095 contact!

Now I search for a free QRG and go on frequency 27.540 MHz USB to discover it’s free of noise and ready for some IWI action. 

I pass by the international calling frequency 27.555 MHz USB for the 1st “CQ, CQ DX” call and then QSY in anticipation of a pileup of keen IWI DX Hunters to 540. 

I’m not disappointed either…

Aire River

From France, countryman 14FDX108 Gui from the Free DXers Group is the 1st spot on online notification system Cluster dk and the people come soon after, hoping desperately to make the log for my diminutive river island activity…14DA/62010R.

Predictably, the first Delta-Alfa member ITL is Fred 14DA049 and he’s soon followed by a number of other DA guys from different corners of the globe…Brazil, Australia, England, Thailand, France and Corsica. 

Great efforts guys!

After a few hours of enjoyable DX, I go QRT at 14h30 GMT with 100 stations in my log. 

It’s been a magnificent day on Ile de l’Ecluse (Fort Gassion) and I’m grateful for the special DXperience.

My appreciation goes to all DA-RC members logged today and also to all operators who called in to say hello.

Thank you for supporting my pleasurable Department 62 dx adventure.

73 de Phil 14DA028

Log Data

  • DXCC Worked: 24 [14, 47, 26, 18, 153, 13, 56, 43, 31, 30, 35, 161, 1, 104, 19, 3, 2, 23, 163, 34, 49, 136, 37 & 9 and also TA6FT (ham call)].
  • DA-RC members Worked: 8 [14DA049, 14DA027, 26DA007, 43DA007, 14DA087, 153DA012, 104DA102 and 3DA012].

Previous video taken from 2010 activity by Phil…