France FlagOn June 8 2013, I arrive at 08h20 GMT in the city of Douai in the north part of France to visit one of Rivage Gayant’s diminutive inland water isles.

Immediately, I’m surprised as it’s is submerged with the snow of this winter and water almost covers it too.

All of a sudden this IWI adventure is even more challenging than I had predicted!

A former coalmining port of the Coal mines of the North and Pas-de-Calais, this remarkable site was transformed, after several years of works, into a magnificent 21 hectare park, now called the park of the Rivage Gayant.

Here in Nord (Department 59), the earth is filled with freezing cold liquid but I’m able to settle down to erect the portable station.

Luckily I have no feet in the water!

My modest working conditions for today’s activity is an ICOM IC-706 (60w) transceiver, a Bamby antenna and a battery 88Ah.

On the international calling frequency, 27.555 MHz USB, the first CQ DX call as 14DA/59053M is made.

Not long after, 14AT824 Phil is logged at 5/3 at 08h53 from Department 62.

This is followed up by my friend Eric 14HF062 (Dept 62) and Jérome 14HF297 (Dept 76).

A little pile up occurs for approximately 10 minutes then and it’s obvious that my “miracle antenna” is doing the job well.

AT 09h19 GMT fellow DA-RC member 14DA011 Chris from Department 13 calls in on 27.535 MHz USB.  

With a smashing 5/9 signal, it’s great to see his antenna which is only 4 meters off the ground is working well!

14DA049 Fred appears not long after at 5/7, another big signal into the far north of France.

At 11h51 GMT, I’m surprised to work two of the DA-RC HQ men on 27.410 MHz USB.  From Alagoas Brazil, 3DA012 Roger is worked at 3/1 and 14DA007 Chris at 5/7.

da28-small-34ed27bAfter 4 hours of IWI DX, the last call is made at 12h50 GMT and the final station in the log is 14AT285 Mickael at 5/5.

Hey guys, if you are not logged at this moment then no problem.  I will return on 59053M before the end of November.

Thank you to everyone who called today.

73 de Phil, 14DA028

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