*DXPEDITION REPORT* 14DA/49004R Behuard Island

I arrived on diminutive Behuard Island at 9:00 am near the city of Angers for my Inland Water Island (IWI) adventure, surrounded by the waters of the Loire River.

Not long after, I’d installed a lightweight Bambi antenna on a pole by the car and fired up the IC-706 MK II transceiver with fingers crossed the 11m band would be conducive to some great DX.


loire-riverCQ calls were then made on Triple 5 as 14DA/49004R.

After logging 14DX181 Marc, I was pleasantly surprised with the spread of stations from Northern Europe with very good signals and some nice pile ups.



89903-050-439E5B5A-640x502At 11:30am I decided to dismantle the station and continue with the mobile antenna on the roof of my car until 12:25pm.

100 stations were logged in a short amount of time on this island in Western France, making very satisfying radio business indeed.

Thank you all for your participation and well done to the guys who made the log.

73 de Fred, 14DA049