Saturday 04 August

Standing on the shore of the Gulf of Morbihan, I waited 45 minutes for low tide for a safe passage to Stuhan Island for my IOTA DXpedition.  Many people are waiting for this New One – I don’t know why it is not referenced in AT-xxx by the DIFM.

The island is linked to the coast by a thin strip of sand called ‘tombolo’ and the difference in height here can be some 6 meters depending on the tide.  The island and rocks will appear and disappear two times a day!

At 7h15 GMT I install my station and make my first CQ call as 14DA/SI on the international call frequency 27.555 MHz USB.  The band is open.

The first station logged is 14AT190 Dany from Avelin with RS 2/1 at 7h33 GMT followed up by Marc 14AT355 from seine et marne 77 at 4/1.  Both operators are kind enough to spot my island station on Cluster dk and this attracts a large number of hungry IOTA Hunters to the frequency.

I enjoy are little pile-up during this activation but the propagation in not stable.

79 stations from 14 DXCC (14, 161, 13, 18, 19, 47, 30, 35, 26,328, 329, 40, 1 and 173) are logged in 5 hours from the island.

Congratulations to DA-RC members 13DA121 Ralf, 30DA019 Sandrino and 14DA011 Chris who made the log also.

Thanks to all stations logged and also the other operators for QSOs.

You can see the log and the special QSL card on the DA-RC website also, as well as on my personal website.

Best 73 de Phil 14DA028