In March, 2023, 107DA/DX from the Principality of Monaco was a huge success for the Dx Adventure Radio Club and such a special activity deserves the very best of QSL cards to commemorate the occasion.

With this in mind, please check out the beautiful design above for 107DA/DX Monaco which is currently at the printer.

Designed by DA-RC World Headquarters member and graphics guru 14DA010 Stef, who also conducted this rare dx adventure, the confirmation card is a brilliant double design and will be available soon from DA-RC HQ EU.

This QSL card is a magnificent blend of DXpedition proofs, station pics, stunning Mediterranean seascapes, Monaco landmarks and the regular banners and logos that adorn all Delta-Alfa QSL cards.

There is also a list of sponsors!

For €3 or $3 USD contribution + SAE, this collector’s card is available from…

DA-RC HQ EU, 100 Allée Chante-Cailles, 26300, Barbières, France