*QSL* 14DA028 Phil

da28-small-34ed27bPlease see below the spanking new QSL confirmation card for popular Dx Adventure Radio Club member 14DA028 Phil.

Crafted by Phil himself and printed by well-known Spain based company Euro QSL, this distinctive card has an exciting fantasy theme with the twin moons and ‘gates to heaven’ on the front side.

These elements are thought to reflect Phil’s quest for the universe’s ultimate dx adventure!

The back side is equally unique, capturing one of France’s majestic seascapes superimposed with an extraterrestrial type cosmos body in the sky.

EUROQSL-LOGOANo doubt this elaborate design will be a very nice addition to the QSL card album for any DX Hunter lucky enough to work Phil’s station in the future.

14DA028 front copie

14DA028 back copie