*PRODUCT WATCH* ‘The Pulsar’ Loop Antenna

An attention-grabbing antenna available for eleven meter and citizens band hobbyists and one used by 26DA086 Mark is the 2 Element Beam Loop called ‘the Pulsar’ made by a private manufacturer in Poland.

Available on eBay for just under $100 US + postage, ‘the Pulsar’is 1.3 meters long, approximately 0.7 meters high and weighs only around 3 kg.  It is made up of two circular elements consisting of two aluminium strips which are attached to the arm.  The boom is made of PVC pipe with a diameter of about 50mm.

According to the maker, this directional base antenna is comparable to a 2 element yagi beam (2 elements 5 meters long each) and provides around 4 dBd in gain.

Thanks to its light weight construction almost all kinds of rotors can be used, even the simplest and the cheapest one.

‘The Pulsar’ antenna would no doubt be suitable for those hobbyists whom have problems with having enough space to install a full-sized beam antenna.

It would also be suitable for portable dx work as it packs into a neat package.

Instructions are provided.

Check out the YouTube videos below for more info and/or search the antenna on eBay under the seller’s ID qubicalquad.