*PRODUCT WATCH* ProSkypper 11 Antenna

Ideal for dx adventure (e.g. LOTA, IOTA or IWI) on the world’s best HF DX band, eleven meters, is the ProSkypper 11 which is an outstanding new range of heavy duty Skypper available from a manufacturer in Italy.

Boasting a massive gain of 12.51 dBi at 10m high and rated to handle 1.5 kw, the ProSkypper 11 is the professional evolution of the lightest 3-element yagi antenna model, perfect for portable Freeband radio activity courtesy of its light weight, small turning radius and extreme ease of transport and assembly.

This ultra-high performing wire antenna is made with the best quality materials that respect the technical characteristics of the original Skypper to obtain top performance, with particular attention to strength and lightness.

With just 2.5 kg of weight, it’s possible to achieve the same or better performance with the ProSkypper 11 of the classic 3-element yagi antennas model, with an extraordinary advantage for easy transport and assembly.

This makes the ProSkypper 11 ideal for any portable dx adventure!

For more info on this fabulous antenna such as pricing, performance specs, how you can purchase one and more, check out the Pro Skypper website at https://www.proskypper.com/