Attention DX Hunters!  Please see below the proofs of DA-RC member 102DA101 Sal’s successful Castles On The Air (COTA) tour of 2 x United Arab Emirates fortresses in October 2014 (e.g. accommodation receipts, GPS coordinate screenshots, and video recordings submitted by supporters, etc.) with Log infos coming soon…

These interesting DX adventures occurred from the amazing Al Fahidi Fortress (AF-001) — built to defend Dubai in case of attacks from the seas of the Persian Gulf — and the spectacular QASR Al-Hosn Fortress (QA-002) — constructed in 1761 to defend the only freshwater well on Abu Dhabi.

For more comprehensive infos on Sal’s efforts in the field from 94 Division’s awesome military fortifications, please see the following links:

Congratulations to our club’s Kuwait based member on these fascinating couple of events and also to those DX Hunters who made the logs.