*DXPEDITION REPORT* 36DA/Municipality Tour Proofs

Without doubt, the 2014 San Marino Municipality Tour by renowned DA-RC DXpedition Team 104DA101 Roy and 104DA102 Syl will go down as one of the most successful regional dx adventure activities of modern times.

Here is a selection of videos showing the ‘Globetrotter’ Team in serious DX action; 9 municipalities, 6 days work, hundreds of kilometers traveled within the tiny Italian enclave, significant financial outlay, 1000+ stations logged, from the north-eastern side of the Apennine Mountains.

San-Marino-Map-Flag“Apart from showing people what San Marino was like and how good the propagation was,” explained Roy, “people can also see from the “raw” videos that we’ve published on YouTube that Syl took great care in filming our GPS location in everyone of the  9 municipalities.”

You can also see the comprehensive proofs provided to the DA-RC HQ by Roy and Syl by visiting the team’s personal website at: http://corsicaislanddx.webs.com/36_da_tour_san_marino.htm

San Marino Flag painted on grunge wall