One of the finest quad antennas for 10m/11m use is the 4e/11 by Italy based company PKW Antenna Systems. 

Please note that this antenna is a tad different in size (boom and elements) to the Classic 4e27 quad which is designed by the same company and, according to testing, performs slightly better.

On the word of some DA-RC members, not only is the PKW 4e/11 antenna (see above and right) extremely well made, lightweight and ideal for dx adventure, weighing in at just 20 kilograms, but it also packs a fair punch on the airwaves too.

A gain of 12 dBd, a front/rear gain of 33 dB, a front/back gain of 30 dB and a bandwidth which measures at over 1.5 MHz, ensures the PKW 4e/11 carries the reputation as being a formidable dx weapon. 

It’s not surprising then that the antenna of choice for many big guns on 10 and 11m the world over is THIS one!

For those DA-RCies who like to run a bit of juice come contest time or when trying to smash through a pile-up to log a rare dx, the PKW 4e/11’s inox stainless accessories and hardware also handles 2kw easily!

Other impressive features/specs of the PKW 4e/11 quad include:

  • Gamma match SO239 50 Ohm
  • SWR 1:1.1
  • Max power: 2Kw P.e.P.
  • Length boom: 7.3m
  • Highest element: 4.18m
  • Rotation ray: 4.18m
  • Fibreglass elements UVA protected: 24.5mm diameter
  • Bronze phosphorus wire: 1.5mm diameter
  • Aluminium cruisers

For more information, ordering, prices, delivery times, etc you can send an email to info@antennepkw.com .

To check out other antenna products (HF – VHF – UHF antennas for Ham radio – CB – Military – Commercial) made and sold by PWK Antenna Systems, just visit the company’s website at http://www.antennepkw.com/8/ .

Please be aware that this antenna also comes in 2 and 3 element versions and can easily be modified for 10m use in ham radio.