*DX NEWS* Pirates4Peace

Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace.

Buddha (560-483 B.C.)

This is the philosophy that underlies the work of Pirates4Peace, a collection of shortwave radio activists and pirate radio stations who use their transmitters to promote peace and ‘freedom of speech’ in countries shackled by dictatorship.

In countries where the free word is restricted by  oppression, the Pirates4Peace cooperation gives voice to the fight against dictatorship and human rights atrocities. Educating disadvantaged peoples, burdened by political propaganda and harsh military oppression, is achieved also by providing access to information via the airwaves.

Connected by the internet where Pirates4Peace members share programs and newscasts, the human rights campaigners spread the message of freedom and truth on the 76, 48 and 25 meter bands; messages urging the virtues of love and hope; tolerance and compassion.

According to clued-up DA-RC-SWL enthusiasts, the location of Pirates4Peace broadcasters is an important consideration so as to ensure the message gets through to targeted countries.  It’s generally accepted that most listeners (SWL) in these countries are limited to small portable world radios with undersized antennas so they rely heavily on strong propagation from neighboring countries.

For more information on Pirates4Peace, you can like them on Facebook in the Community section at https://www.facebook.com/Pirates4Peace .  There are also numerous video recordings of their broadcasts on YouTube and a special website which lists some of the broadcasting pirate stations.

To become a Pirates4Peace member is easy also.  Just send an email to radiorainbow@hotmail.com and they will be touch with you.