*PERSONAL QSL* 101DA981 Giovanni

Attention IOTA Hunters!

Please see above and below the magnificent new Double QSL design for 101DA981 Giovanni, who resides in the south-east Asian country of Papua New Guinea.

Designed by 14DA010 Stef from 010 Designs, this stunning card is the perfect confirmation mechanism for one of the rarest DXCC entities in Oceania and is now available direct from Giovanni’s alternative New Zealand address.

Expectantly, this QSL collector’s item features all the regular characteristics of a DA-RC QSL card, including banners and logos.

Splashed with amazing colour, the front displays the country’s distinct flag and coat of arms, counterbalanced with cultural dance and tribal images which showcase the country’s fascinating traditions and uniqueness.

Check out the graphic below which details the QSL route and contribution requirements for this super Dx Adventure Radio Club activity!