*PRODUCT REVIEW* Opek CX-3 Antenna Switch

My recent purchase of an Opek CX-3 Coaxial Antenna Switch was done out of necessity after my previous switch developed shorts and became unworkable. 


Not surprising really since it was an old cheapy meant for the citizens band but it had served me well over the past 10 years so I was at least grateful for that.

Manufactured by OPEK Technologies in Taiwan, the CX-3 Opek antenna switch was suggested to me by VK4AJJ Paul Richards who sells them on his website at www.radios.net.au

Taking the store owner’s recommendation on a product which he ‘just so happens to sell’ is not something I’d normally do but since Paul had never let me down in the past, I decided to ‘add one’ to the main order I’d placed for a new rig for a lazy $75.00.

In the Box

Like its low budget predecessor which had since found its way to the rubbish bin, the Opek CX-3 has a rotary selecting switch with one common input (i.e. the RG213 patch cable) and three selectable outputs. 

Incidentally, these are SO-239 UHF jacks which also fit the PL-259 plugs.  Just like you would want, the switch on this model is firm and makes a sturdy click when rotated between OUT1, OUT2 and OUT3. 

Moreover there’s no fear of a ‘slip in the thread’, which is common place with some antenna switches, but no need for pliers either to make a change between antennas!

On the subject of antennas, my CX-3 Opek coaxial antenna switch allows me to interchange easily between a 6 element TET-Emtron yagi for 10m, a HV2 Butternut vertical for 40 and 80m and a homemade dipole for 20m.  

In all cases, the low SWR and signal are unaffected which rings true with the product disclosure of a V.S.W.R. less than 1.2:1. 

Of course, my transmit power is well and truly beneath the switch’s 1 KW (CW) power rating also but I’m confident it would handle the load and maintain its commitment to low S.W.R.

At 90mm (W) X 55mm (H) X 73mm (D), the housing of the CX-3 Opek coaxial antenna switch is compact metal for good shielding with a mounting plate made of ordinary steel spray painted black with a silver sticker on the front for the positions of the output, the company’s logo, the switch’s maximum power handling and its place of manufacture. 

It’s ultra solid too — which is more than I can say for the dearly departed type which had numerous parts held together with bluetack in its final days.

In conclusion, the Opek CX-3 coaxial antenna switch is an accessory which I should’ve purchased long ago. 

It does the job very well, is easy to use and even looks good when conveniently mounted to the radio shack wall behind the Yaesu FT-950.

So if you’re in need of a switch upgrade like I was, or even just in need of a switch to bring convenience and ease to your alternation of antennas, then this product comes highly recommended.

73 de 43DA001 Darren