*DX NEWS* Ofcom propose legalising 27 MHz SSB


In June 2011 the ECC published a decision harmonizing CB radio across the European Union. 28 months later Ofcom has announced a consultation on legalising 27 MHz SSB.

Ofcom has published proposals to amend current arrangements for Citizens’ Band (CB) Radio in the UK, to allow the use of a wider range of transmission standards.  CB radio is a system of short-distance radio communications between individuals.

Ofcom is proposing to allow the use of Amplitude Modulation (AM), Double-sideband (DSB) and Single-sideband (SSB) transmission standards on CB radio, which will bring the UK in line with other European countries. The consultation will close on 8 November 2013.

In the late 1970’s radio amateurs such as James Bryant G4CLF the then President of the UK Citizens’ Band Association, campaigned for the legalisation of AM/SSB CB. Now some 36 years later it looks as though it will finally be achieved.

The consultation will close on November 8.