*RESULTS* 2021 ’11m Oceania Contest’

On all levels, this year’s ‘11m Oceania Contest’ was an intoxicating success!

Fortunately, the January 8, 9 & 10 long weekend provided some incredible propagation in the Asia-Pacific region as many stations, from several different clubs, took to the air to participate.

Log summaries indicate that no less than 10 OC DXCC were active on 27 MHz frequencies over this weekend, providing precious ‘Multiplier’ opportunities for those guys whom were active in the event.

They included: Hawaii (17), New Zealand (41), Australia (43), Indonesia (91), Philippines (79), Tonga (96), Norfolk Island (130), New Caledonia (172), French Polynesia (201) and Western Kiribati (224).

Contacts were also possible between OC and the Americas and OC and Europe and these conditions provided some valuable point scoring opportunities for OC based contesters.

The support from the 11m Community for this exciting radio sports event was overwhelming.

In fact, members of Sugar Delta, Alfa Tango, Delta-Alfa, Radio Sierra November, Echo Mike and Romeo Charlie all feature in the top 20 placegetters.

With the March 1 deadline passing, results have been tallied and the placegetters of the 2021 ‘11m Oceania Contest’ have been decided. 

Congratulations to the guys below on their success and thank you to everyone who took part!

73 de DA-RC HQ OC


Please note that certificates to all participants, and prizes for the top 3 placegetters, will be mailed this week.