*DX NEWS* Kiribati Call Freq

kiribati flagDx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) members in the equatorial Pacific have confirmed that the calling frequency on 27 MHz citizens band (CB) radio for Western, Eastern and Central Kiribati ops has now changed from 27.335 MHz USB (i.e. Channel 33) to 27.055.00 MHz USB (i.e. Channel 8).

Rumour has it that on the 1st of March 2016 the Kiribati CB Radio Network, which includes a number of DA-RC guys, agreed to make the change and operators are encouraged to use the new calling frequency for future 27 MHz contacts.

Therefore any DX Hunters who wish to work the 224, 265 or 266 Divisions and QSO with any of the DA-RC or non-DA-RC ops should monitor channel 8 (27.055.00) USB for possible contacts.

Please keep in mind also that English is not the first spoken language in the Republic of Kiribati so overs will need to be simple and short.