* NEW DX Weapon* 3DA012 Roger

With the guidance of antenna maharishi 30DA016 Dave in Spain, Big Gun DX Hunter 3DA012 Roger has added an even bigger weapon to his DX artillery for the remainder of 2013; one which he swears will ‘blow the band right open’!

A magnificent new 5 element quad antenna now sits ominously atop the HQ man’s tower, overlooking the nearby streets of Maceio city in eastern Brazil, and aimed across the South Atlantic towards Africa.

Word has it that the ears of Roger’s Yaesu FT-950 transceiver are very appreciative of the extra db gain with the huge antenna welcoming thunderous signals from all corners of Europe since its erection last weekend.  Liechtenstein, Spain, France, Poland, Germany, Ireland and the Kingdom of Denmark…just to name a few.

Roger mentioned on the DA-RC Mailing List that he’d finally been able to complete the project thanks to a couple of days off work where he’s been busy with hotel renovations.

Here’s hoping he’ll be able to find enough time now to unleash it upon the band and catch up with some of his DA-RC mates.