*DX NEWS* 26DA100 Dan Celebrates *NEW* DX Salon

Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member 26DA100 Dan is looking forward to enjoying some quality time behind the mic in his new shack – even if it means he’ll be competing for space with the YL.

Dan reports that he and his wife have employed some local builders to convert the garage of their family home into a radio room / nail salon and that work will soon be completed.

In addition to being a home for Dan’s Yaesu FT-2000, MD-200 microphone and new Challenger 4 amplifier – the most recent one from Linear Amp UK – the proud Bristolian reveals the newly renovated room with also double as a beauty salon for his wife and her abundance of nail technician products… Acrylics, glitters, powder gels, nail polish and polish removers, coatings, infills and the rest!

“I’ve only got up a little Sirio SY27-4 at the moment on some of my “aerial man” handy work (i.e. a few poles coupled together),” explains Dan. 
“The idea is to get the neighbours used to it all before I spend money on a proper mast when the shack’s finished.  I’ve managed to get it up about 32 foot though which is better than nothing!”

Let’s just hope for Dan’s sake that the YL’s penchant for manicures, pedicures, enhancements and extensions also extends to her husband’s radio hobby and allows him to fully deck out his new shack with the latest and greatest radio toys possible ;-).

Looking forward to seeing the pictures soon!