*NEW AWARD* ‘Dx Adventurer of the Year’


As our name suggests, the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is mostly concerned with dx adventure; that is radio operations ‘outside the norms’ of traditional armchair DX.

vchFrom the beginning, the DA-RC’s culture has been about providing attractive DX opportunities for others, and, inspiring friendship in the 11m DX Community through co-operative DX adventure.

By attractive DX, we refer to /0, /DX, IOTA, LOTA, COTA, IWI activities etc. that provide opportunities for DX Hunters to work new ones, achieve contest and DX award targets, and, on the whole, obtain more enjoyment from the hobby.

imagesWe see such activities as contributing to the health of the 11m DX Community in general, activities that ensure the world’s premier HF DX band remains a viable hunting ground for serious DX Hunters around the world.

It has been our goal also to be seen as the leaders of DXpedition work, a professional club in which our members set the standards when it comes to DXpedition planning and preparation; a club which provides the best systems, the best support and the best advice for DXpeditioners.



title-aboutAs we enter our 10th year, we do so with a strong desire to re-align ourselves with our core values; to reaffirm our identity as a home for the world’s premier DXpeditioners and strengthen our reputation as the club renowned for providing the most exciting DXperiences on the band.

The new ‘DX Adventurer of the Year’ Award is designed to achieve just that…

  1. To encourage DA-RC members and teams to undertake dx adventure
  2. To recognise and celebrate the efforts of DA-RC members who are committed to the dxpedition-centric values our club prides itself on; and
  3. To consolidate the traditions of the DA-RC as THE DXpedition Club.

For all the requirements of the new ‘Dx Adventurer of the Year Award’, including points scoring, prizes, rules and guidelines, please click HERE.

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