When it comes to essential DX resources for the radio shack mantlepiece, few beat the range of fantastic print materials produced by independent organisation DXMAN.

One such item, ideal for the serious 11m DX Hunter, is the ‘My DXman Book‘ — the perfect reference and print accompaniment for the shack.

With the first edition of the 2020 My DXman Book selling out incredibly fast, great news is that the second edition is now available at a cost of 30 Euros.

​Inside, you’ll find an index card for every country of the DXCC list, together with a heap of valuable info — worked and confirmed checkboxes, a maps and QSL card jpegs, details around when the country was activated and by whom, and much more.

To purchase your copy of the outstanding ‘My DXman Book’ and/or other reference beneficial materials, please check out the official website at: https://mydxmanbook.wixsite.com/mydxmanbook