*PRODUCT WATCH* Meet the MHF7e/11 Yagi

It’s uncommon these days to find an antenna manufacturer building yagis for 11m DXers beyond a 3 element version. 

Especially outside of the United States of America.

Italian company PKW Antennas is an exception to the rule though, developing 4 and 6 element versions for 11m band DX Hunters — even a monstrous 7 element job — worth spruiking according to a number of Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) members in the know.

Priced at around 841,96 euro and providing some significant perks to boot, the MHF7e/11 is a viable option indeed for the serious 11m DXer — provided he has the space to accommodate the antenna’s 5.51m reflector and 7.12 m swing radius though. 

And a tower capable of supporting the antenna’s 34 kg weight too!

According to the PKW website, a gain of 13 dBd, front / side ratio of 38 dB and front / back of 25 dB are impressive performance specs of the MHF7e/11, while a solid 13.10m boom, stainless steel alloy accessories (Pictured right) and hardware offer exceptional mechanical strength.

For more information on this marvelous big gun antenna, including ordering, prices, postage and delivery time, please visit the PKW Antenna System website at http://www.antennepkw.com.