*MEET* 91DA101 Handi

From the Republic of Indonesia in Southeast Asia, connecting with our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in April 2020 is established radio comms enthusiast, 91DA101 Handi.

In a culturally diverse DXCC famous for its contribution to radio comms, 91DA101 Handi (Pictured above and below) is a keen and successful 11m and Ham DX Hunter; one who easily satisfies our Club’s prerequisite of 100 DXCC worked and confirmed.

91DA101 Handi’s residence is in Bandung, a large city 180 km southeast of the nation’s capital Jakarta.

The third-largest city in 91 Division, Bandung is located in West Java (Jawa Barat), an Indonesian province on the island of Java, extending south and east of the nation’s capital.

91DA101 Handi’s home QTH, the provincial capital, is well known for Dutch-designed art deco buildings but there’s many sites worthy of a QSO mention.

Possible excursions from Handi’s city on the northwest coast include to the forest-enclosed crater lake Kawah Putih (See below) and Tangkuban Perahu volcano (See above and below), which allows hiking to its crater’s rim.

This is an admired tourist attraction where tourists hike or ride to the edge of the crater to view the hot water springs and boiling mud up close, and buy eggs cooked on the hot surface.

Famous for its education, hundreds of public and private schools are also found in Bandung and several state-funded and administered Junior High and State High Schools are located here as well.

91DA101 Handi’s home is also set amidst tea plantations and known for its fascinating colonial and art deco architecture.

Pictured right, the Villa Isola is a highlight and Bogor’s celebrated Botanical Gardens also features an exciting number of tropical plant species.

91DA101 Handi is a licensed ham radio operator whose callsign is YD1GGQ.

He’s QRV on many bands and hungry for rare DX contacts and new DXCC.

91DA101 Handi’s station consists of an Alinco DXSR8 transceiver which covers 160 to 10 meters in SSB, CW, AM and FM, with an impressive Avanti Sigma 4 omnidirectional vertical antenna high above his rooftop.

Apart from being the abode to one of 91 Division’s most accomplished DXers, Bandung is the home of Persib Bandung, a professional football club currently competing in the highest tier of Indonesian football, the Liga 1.

When he’s not in the comfort of his home shack chasing DX on ham or 27 MHz frequencies, though, 91DA101 Handi works as an electrician for Golar LNG, a liquefied natural gas shipping company.

A committed family man, Handi also enjoys spending time with his wife and young children.

When propagation permits, you’ll hear 91DA101 Handi on the international call frequency 27.555 MHz USB or on the Indonesian chat frequency which is 27.305 MHz USB.

He’ll be very excited to hear from you!


Komplek SSP Sariwangi

Perumahan Berteknologi Blok A18

Kecamatan Parongpong

Kabupaten Bandung Barat

West Java, Indonesia, 40559