*MEET* 32DA007 Sergio

Popular Freeband operator — 32DA007 Sergio — in the western part of South America, links with the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in April 2022.

32DA007 Sergio is accepted into the DA-RC via the DX Hunter category (See https://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/).

He’s determined to add to his tally of DXCC worked and confirmed during cycle 25 too, with his new Delta-Alfa callsign.

Sergio’s QTH is the Republic of Chile, a long, narrow country stretching along South America’s western edge, with more than 6000km of Pacific Ocean coastline.

According to Google Earth, Chile is the southernmost country in the world, the closest to Antarctica (140 Division), and shares land borders with Peru (8) to the north, Bolivia (80) to the north-east, Argentina (4) to the east, and the Drake Passage in the far south.

The latter is a body of water between South America’s Cape Horn, Chile itself and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica.

Along the western seaboard of South America, though, 32DA007 Sergio resides in the city of Arica.

This is a picturesque port city in northern Chile, known for its outstanding surfing beaches.

Arica is Chile’s northernmost city and is situated just 18 km south of the border with Peru (8).

There’s much to see and do in Sergio’s home town that’s worthy of a QSO when propagation permits…

For example, the Morro de Arica (See pictured above), a prominent mountain, rises above the city, affording sweeping views to adventurous hikers.

Another, the Catedral de San Marcos de Arica (See right) is a magnificent church made from metal and wood, designed by Gustave Eiffel and built in the 1870s.

Regarded as the civic heart of the city, the Plaza Colón is the public square where residents congregate for celebrations, diversions or just being a part of the local community.

Other attractions include the former house of the Governor, the Former Arica Custom House, railway station Arica-La Paz, the Museo Histórico y de Armas war museum, the Archaeological and Anthropological Museum of San Miguel de Azapa, the Sea and Historical Arms and the Casino de Arica (Pictured left) which is famous for late night entertainment.

The high plains of the Andes mountains rise to the east, and they’re home to the Lauca National Park and Chungará Lake, which is one of the highest lakes in the world.

32DA007 Sergio has a well-established radio shack, conducive to effective DX operations which sees him earn the reputation of one of his country’s most prosperous eleven meter band DX Hunters.

A Kenwood TS-480 SAT transceiver takes pride of place on his desktop and is his go-to radio when propagation is in.

This is a world-class 100 watts HF and 6m all-mode portable and mobile rig with a built-in antenna tuner.

Another — the Yaesu FT80C — is also part of Sergio’s DX artillery.

This is a compact, SSB/CW/AM/FM transceiver providing 100 watts of TX power output on all frequencies between 1.8 and 30 MHz, including 27 MHz.

These rigs are connected by feedline to a high performing Sirio Tornado 27 — a 27-30MHz 5/8 wave base antenna — which has been installed atop a mast outside his residence.

When he’s not behind the microphone of one of his rigs, chasing rare DX or catching up with other DA members in Chile, 32DA007 Sergio works as a motor mechanic.

He specializes in heavy machinery, a role which sees him maintaining, testing and repairing petrol engines and the mechanical parts of larger motor vehicles such as transmissions, suspension, steering and brakes.

Like the DA-RC’s other SA members, 32DA007 Sergio monitors the International call frequency — 27.555 MHz USB — in search of rare DX.

His QSL card is available direct, with standard contribution of $3 US + SAE thank you.


Las Palmas Poniente 195 Block- H Dept. 34 Arica Post Office Box Chile 1,000,000